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Fury Soccer Club and Charleston Football Clubs Merge

By FC Alliance , 05/21/18, 4:45PM EDT


  1. Fury Soccer Club and Charleston Football Club Announce merger to create a new club in WV called Fury Charleston Alliance (FC Alliance). 
  2. Joined by the PDL Club team WV Chaos. WV Chaos will acquire the new name WV Alliance. All teams under the Alliance name will be wearing the same uniform and operate under one umbrella. The goal is to have a presence in the state of WV and to represent the state at both Regional and National levels. After multiple meetings, we felt that it was important to incorporate the names from our original clubs. The Fury and CFC names are already known names within the state and regional level. We feel the timing of this merger is a perfect way to kickstart the 2018 -19 season. The merger will create more opportunities for our players to reach their full potential. FC Alliance’s goal is to focus on the development of players. To provide players the opportunity to reach their full potential whether that is their goal is to play high school, compete at the collegiate level or even as a professional.